We have the same hobby of large abstract painting canvas

Hand Made Extra Large Black White Horse Canvas Painting

We have the same hobby of large abstract painting canvas
In a forest, notice many small animals, they lead a free life, and do what they like every day.
One day, the little bees painted at home, and the little butterflies came to him to play with him, and the little bees said, “”The little butterfly, I’m painting the abstract painting canvas ,this is the task that the teacher gave me yesterday, I have to finish it”.The little bee didn’t stop the pen, he said. The “All right, then I’ll go get a little dragonfly to play.You’ll do it first.” The little butterfly is depressed.

Contemporary Abstract Painting, Hand Painted Canvas Art, Large Acrylic Painting, Wall Paintings For Living Room, Red,White,Yellow,Blue
Contemporary Abstract Painting, Hand Painted Canvas Art, Large Acrylic Painting, Wall Paintings For Living Room, Red,White,Yellow,Blue

The little butterfly flies, it came to the small dragonfly’s residence, but the small dragonfly also seems to be also rustling what, take a close look, the small dragonfly is also painting, the small butterfly says: “Little dragonfly, how are you also drawing abstract painting canvas,too Honey bee was just drawing at home.Why are you all drawing? I’m so bored.You play with me!”
“You wait for me. I’m done. I’m in the same interest class with the little bee.This is the homework of the teacher, so that’s the job to be finished. The little dragonfly answered. So, the little butterfly is sitting on the side, and so on. The abstract painting canvas was completed until the sunset of the dragonfly.The little butterfly was fell asleep,and the little dragonfly woke her gently, and took off to the home of the little bee, and the little bee’s picture was close to the end, stretched out, and just saw that the little dragonfly and the little butterfly came in, and kept them in their home for dinner.
At dinner, the little butterfly said, “Where are you two training classes, I’ll see your large black and white painting canvas is very interesting, and I’d like to go”.The “Well, we’ll get the training time. Let’s call you. Let’s go together. By the way, you can.” of the small dragonfly and the little bee in the same way. After dinner, everyone went back to the house.

 Hand Made Extra Large Black White Horse Canvas Painting
Hand Made Extra Large Black White Horse Canvas Painting

In this way, a few days later, the little bee and dragonfly together came to the door of the small butterfly, called small butterfly, three partners together to go to the abstract oil painting training class. The friends inside are very warm, the teacher is also very enthusiastic, this makes the butterfly more like this oil painting training course, thus firm the heart of learning to draw.At the same time, the addition of small butterflies makes everyone have an extra topic of conversation.
Sometimes, the three of them go out to paint, slowly, the little butterflies, the little bees and the little dragonflies all progress very quickly.The teacher praised him one after another.This taught them that learning abstract painting canvas can not only increase the fun of life, but also increase their interests and skills.
You can image that if you have the same hobby of abstract canvas,How great!

The Emergence of Abstract Expressionism

By the end of the 1930s and the particular beginning of the nineteen forties, the favorite realistic art within the 1930s was out there of fashion again, in addition to modernism was making a comeback in the Usa States. A painter named Milton Brown, who got been within the army regarding three years back in the thirties, returned to New York in addition to was surprised to get that will galleries filled with realistic works of art had suddenly been substituted by Handmade Abstract Art. He or she said, “The abstract artwork in the dark provides suddenly become the protagonist of the emergence. Strolling along the street, you will notice that the Large Abstract Art offers become the fashion regarding today, which was not necessarily the case 3 years in the past. ” Obviously, the fashion of art has changed once more, but this is not necessarily only the consequence of changing tastes and colors inside artistic interest, but also driven by the politics, financial and popular positioning of an era. In the final analysis, Extra Large Modern Painting in the Combined States is not a new matter of more than one variety, but the inevitable vacation spot – a fully modern day society, should be a fertile soil for modern fine art to take root. Modern day art does not seek to “settle down” in the particular United States, but exactly where to settle down?


There are many folks within the United States who imitate Extra Large Abstract Painting. One is the promotion associated with art education from the excellent European teachers mentioned earlier. The other is typically the arrival of “cold abstract” painter Mondrian in 1939 in the usa. He is one of the modern artwork masters respected by Us citizens. As soon as he or she arrived in the usa, this individual was surrounded by United states artists. His art has been imitated and studied by simply many American painters who loved Abstract paintings. Collectors competed to accumulate his / her works. 66 years ago, the Fresh York Museum of Modern Fine art held a sizable retrospective event for him. So in that time, there were many individuals who came his abstract paintings. This is no exaggeration to be able to say that most subjective paintings in the Us geometric design of the 1940s came from Mondrian’s fine art (Fig. 53). Mondrian’s abstract style is highly acknowledged by Americans, largely since his abstract paintings show the essence of the galaxy, which can be considered as a good art form not restricted to the times, regions in addition to nationalities. Those American musicians who would like to create “international style” feel that they can eliminate the trouble of “nationalism” and create international art works along this direction. Us artists also set upward a special group to be able to create abstract paintings : “American Abstract artists”.

Decorative Landscape Oil Paintings Elegant and Generous Add Petty Bourgeoisie Sentiment

The function and plasticity of the thick pile of oil paints are incomparable to other kinds of paints. This characteristic makes oil paints produce rhythm and strength that can resonate with people’s thoughts and emotions. In practice, artists have created a variety of Buy Big Painting Art techniques, so that oil painting materials play a full performance effect. Oil paintings not only express the ideological content entrusted by artists, but also show the development process of Large Modern Abstract Art with unique language. Oil paintings in different periods are dominated by artistic ideas and techniques of the times, showing different features.


With the continuous improvement of living standards, for home decoration, more and more people advocate the concept of “light decoration and heavy decoration”. Therefore, it is almost a consensus to choose and purchase several still life Modern Canvas Art with moderate price, unique style and superb techniques. As the largest art trading platform in China, PAINTINGBIBIBIBI Oil Painting Monopoly Network has launched a series of excellent oil paintings which are suitable for modern decoration and can be used for investment collection. Among them, oil paintings, once exhibited, will be enthusiastically sought after by the vast majority of Chinese Dafen Oil Painting Monopoly Network collectors.

Large Abstract Wall Decor used for home decoration nowadays should not only embody unique personality and unique elegance, but also possess more three-dimensional, hierarchical and color beauty. Only in this way can people not only meet the need of pursuing personality beauty, but also break the monotony and dullness of modern life and add a touch of comfortable and comfortable petty bourgeoisie to modern decoration.

How to Appreciate Abstract Oil Painting

First, according to the schema standard, there are two angles to divide the boundary between hot generality and cold abstraction, and second, according to the color specification. It is called thermal abstraction. The schema is more rigorous, rational and calm, and the schema is more lively, free, random, enthusiastic and dynamic, rhythmic general picture. A clear pattern rule is called cold abstraction. Colors are bright and bright. They are distinguished from each other in terms of color. The hot abstraction confronts the strong visual impact, while the cold abstraction is called the cold abstraction with the black, grey and blue tones. Hot generality is also called free generality and Lyric abstraction. Cold generality is also called politeness generality or geometry generality.

Large Abstract Canvas Art

1. The method is self-reliant. The method of self-reliant visual existence is a method of choosing blind objective existence without relying on social thought and politics.

2. Method is a free and changeable method, which shows the infinite change of method. The combination of methods is infinite, which makes general Large Abstract Wall Decor the biggest interest.

3. The method is easy to play. The way is easy and the way to play is a game. No contempt and prejudice, no mood, no arrogance and loss. The gameplay of methods makes them meaningful. The method is eternal. The universe is the greatest method.

4. The method of eternity is the extension of the universe. Microcosmic methods show that the universe is sensitive to subtlety and novelty, and exploring the subtlety of the universe has become a pleasure in human life. General Extra Large Abstract Canvas Art is the only way that human beings can be integrated into the universe and invented, and it is also the only acknowledged extension of the universe.

Therefore, how to evaluate the value of general art, general art because of the changeability and uncertainty of evaluation criteria. It has become a more difficult problem. In fact, at the beginning of its birth, modern art was not admitted or even destroyed by the mainstream art at that time, but eventually modern art became popular, and it was in a trance with the development of social civilization and ideas because every little norm did not conform. The cognitive level of the works is not the same. The criterion of evaluating the value of a work is in a severe sense.

The first meaning of originality is to create a new artistic schema. Originality is not the meaning of the original. For classicism, Impressionism is the original, Cubism is the original, beast is the original, super-practice is the original, and general Custom Abstract Paintings is the original.

The original concept is that the schema is incompatible, the same thing in a faction. Maybe the theme and style are not the same. In general painting, Kandins set is original, Mondrian is original, Bollock is original, each small painting style is not compatible, the greater the distance between the incompatible, the more pure the original method, the higher the value of the original. The original works must also be aesthetic, so-called aestheticism is an aesthetic idea.

The second is that a Black and White Abstract Canvas Art must be beautiful, that is, it can bring pleasure to people’s aesthetics, care to life and bless the future. Beauty does not refer to a single aesthetic orientation, but to the essence of art. Aestheticism is not for beauty, beauty is a variety of beauty, beauty is balanced, coordinated, methodical meaning, harmony, together. Beauty is implicit, heroic, enthusiastic, calm, energetic and rugged. Aestheticism is the life compatible with humanity.

Therefore, the aestheticism of humanity shows people’s yearning for the beauty of life. People’s minds always hope to have a healthy, happy and auspicious Chengping life. People are always willing to be intoxicated with the harmony and romance of petty bourgeoisie, rather than to be unhappy or miserable early in life shooting. In fact, the tragic nature of life is that everyone knows the reality and never needs to be reminded.

Kathy bartley- black and white artwork

black and white artwork-Kathy bartley’s ceramic sculpture of the wasteland of the teenage years,Kathy bartley, an artist known for her colorful and playful abstract ceramic sculptures, Black and White Art recently won the smithsonian institution’s 2012 contemporary
art award.
The biennial awards, which include a $25,000 prize, Extra Large Modern Painting recognize artists under the age of 50 who have produced a number of important works.
Past winners of the smithsonian society of contemporary artists include Pierre huger, mark dion, Jessica stockhoddle, George pardo and the Los Angeles land use interpretation center.HANDMADE LARGE ABSTRACT CANVAS ART

Mr. Bartley, who lives and works in the New York area, is an acting artist at the Tibor DE Nagy Gallery in New York.
Ms. Bartley, who usually creates small ceramic sculptures with bright colors and abstract shapes, is often compared with RON nagel and Ken price.
Mr. Bartley’s “small, subtle, labor-intensive sculptures are remarkably communicative and imaginative,” the five jury members who chose this year’s winner wrote.

A solo show at the Shoshana Wayne Gallery in Santa monica, the United States,https://www.buypaintingbig.com/product-category/contemporary/ Big Contemporary Art is showing the artist’s recent selections.
David pagel, a commentator for the Los Angeles times, wrote that bartlett “does for sculpture what digital technology does for information: there is so much content in these little Spaces that it is impossible to keep the literal
dimension of an object consistent with the joy it conveys.”