Colorful Tonal With Black And White Art Work

Different colors can represent a variety of moods and states, green is vibrant, purple is romantic, red is enthusiastic.. But more and more people live in a daily environment only Black And White Art Work

Many people pursue the minimalist style, but it is easy to fall into a misunderstanding, that is, many people think that the minimalist, that is to say that the less the better, the overall neutral color of home wear, there is no particularly bright color at a glance, and over time the family atmosphere is relatively depressed. Who says color can’t make a simple style? Young, must use the color boldly!

The main area of the living room uses powder and grayscale walls. It is not only a painting, clock and display platform, but also a guest’s first view. It is assisted by a red in L type sofa, Oversized Abstract Art which attracts attention and gives the living room full personality. And then you can add three or five cute pillows to add fun to the couch.

The gray single chair is arranged side by side in the window position, which echoes the main color of the TV wall and increases the sense of unity in the home. Wooden single chair in the space to increase the log color, red and light gray form a transition between color matching more natural, triangular floor lamp is appropriate to increase the overall grade of the room.

The main color of the background wall in the visitor area is green, which looks very connotation. The TV wall uses a hollow structure to give the indoor light and transparent effect. At the same time, it is placed as a platform to enhance the overall artistic quality. Purple chairs add romance to the room.

The color of the curtains is selected in light gray with the same color as the chair.neither has the thick and heavy feeling of the dark grey nor the monotony of the pure white. With pink pillow, simple and lovely, the whole family is fashionable and atmosphere.

The restaurant uses a combination of blue and pink. It is gentle and warm. White cupboards increase the overall brightness of the room.